Tips for the Proper Maintenance of Limousines

Seattle Limousines are highly-regarded as critical vehicles of style with appeal and mystery. They are very delicate and very expensive vehicles that primarily need proper care and maintenance. Neglecting maintenance can lead to the failure of some parts or an entire part of the vehicle’s system since most of its parts are inter-related. To avoid costly repairs for this vehicle, certain guidelines are made available for its maintenance. Some of this maintenance tips are listed below:

·        Following the maintenance schedule of your respective limo manufacturer is one of the best ways keep the vehicle in good condition. You may contact the manufacturer to get a recommended maintenance schedule if you have the owner’s manual with you.

·        Check and compare the maintenance schedules of different shops with the recommendations provided in your owner’s manual. Ask for an explanation why the shop makes certain recommendation so that you will have better understanding on the schedule. You may also check for the best limo maintenance or repair deals from these comparable shops.

·        Make use of word of mouth from your relatives,friends, family, and others or repair shops or technicians referral that can be trusted and relied.

·        Make a continuous inspection on the components of your limo when you feel that your driving is not right anymore. Be always on the look out for the engine, transmission, ride and handling concerns, brakes,and steering problems of your limo.

·        Set regular schedule for oil changes at three thousand miles since limos are driven a lot. Keep in mind that regular oil changes help ensure the continuous performance of your  limo at a long period of time.

·        See to it that you are rotating the wheels of your limo properly. Invest in a set of limo tires with superior quality to enable them to rotate with each oil change. It points out that the tires are critical in ensuring that your customers or those riding on your limo have a great transportation experience.

·        Exchange the brake fluid of your limo every 100,000 mile and replace shock absorbers at 100,000 miles to avoid your tires from tearing and to maintain smooth ride.

·        Try to lubricate the window track of your limo with Silicon Lube during fall and spring seasons to reduce window regulator replacement since the windows will glide rather than bind.

·        Make certain to take good care of the exterior of your limo aside from its interior components. Among the exterior limo maintenance include waxing, washing, and rust proofing to extend the life of your limo’s body and boost its appearance.

·        You also need to perform maintenance on such limo items as its batteries, bulbs, washer fluid, alternators, coil packs, and air suspension bulbs.

With the fierce competition in the Seattle limo service industry, all you would ever want is to ensure that your  Seattle limo is always at its excellent condition. So it is a must to maintain your limo to stay competitive in this industry.