Limo To Seattle Downtown Hotels

Tips on How to Find Cheap Hotels in  Seattle Downtown

As travel savvy people often say, travel can be very expensive in terms of Seattle limo service fees, hotel accommodations, meals and other expenses incurred during the tour. However, there are many available options to keep you from these problems such as cutting back your hotel accommodation costs through cheap hotel deals in Seattle. Here are some tips to save money in your hotel stay:


  • You need to pick up your destination and map out your trip first before searching for an affordable hotel in the city.
  • Know the amenities that you are looking for and that may serve you best. Gather information and compare the available packages and options that exactly meet your accommodations requirements.
  • Take enough time to anticipate the amount of money to spend in your trip and make a significant decision on the amount that you have to spend on your hotel stay.
  • Make use of the Internet in searching for cheap hotels. Visit websites that offer a variety of saving rates. It is advisable that you may prefer to visit travel sites than the websites of the hotels per se as they don’t usually run promotions on these sites.
  • You may visit the to get the best hotel deals on 3- and 4-star hotels in the city. Select the hotel star rating that you would like and choose the right area where you would want to stay. Perform additional research on the most traveler-friendly and safest areas before choosing the hotel in case you are unfamiliar with the area. In terms of bidding, place a bid 40 percent lower than the advertised hotel rate.
  • Check cash-back websites before booking your hotel reservation. These websites can provide you with up to 5% in cash back for each purchase from these websites. You can also visit websites providing promo codes for hotel rates.
  • You may read the reviews or feedbacks of hotel guests and find more websites with reviews of places near the location of your desired hotel to stay.
  • Your credit cards can be of great value in finding cheap hotels as the points you earned from your purchases can be redeemed for free hotel stays. Some credit cards that offer extra points as well as exclusive promotions and deals if you will be staying at their hotel brands. There are also cards that provide you with cash back for travel websites.
  • Call prospective hotels to know the prices on and around your preferred vacation date. This requires you to keep flexible dates.
  • Check major hotel aggregators in the city as they usually offer exclusive discounts on specific hotels. These deals are often negotiated between hotel aggregators and hotels. It is preferable that you may check a minimum of three hotel aggregators to find the best hotel deal.
  • Book your hotel stay way ahead of time, at least three months before your desired date. There are hotels offering discounts  to those who book transportation by Seattle airport limo  from Seattle airport.